Our services

The e-commerce is in our DNA


Digital Marketing Solutions

A digital marketing strategy tailored to your needs. Our e-commerce marketing experts show potential customers the way to your website or web app.

Our offer includes:
  • PPC Campaigns
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Marketing Automation

We implement all tasks to make your business more efficient. We can help you find the best influencers suited to your brand. We prepare professional campaigns using Google Ads, as well as Facebook Ads. We deliver effective e-mail marketing solutions tailored to your business’ needs.

We can help you find potential customers by reaching the right people on Social Media. We develop and implement a communication strategy on major websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram.


E-commerce Strategy

To improve your e-commerce business we’re using our exceptional knowledge of the marketing and operational techniques. This way we build strategy for your e-commerce business to help you achieve your goals.


E-commerce Audit

There are no two same audits. Every audit we make is designed especially for your business. An audit is an excellent opportunity that you can use to evaluate each component of your business, and discover the areas that need improvement, as well as locating opportunities.

Our offer includes audit of:
  • SEO
  • Conversion Rate
  • Product Placement
  • Brand Strategy
  • Platform Analysis
  • Content
  • Team Competences
  • Marketing Strategies

E-commerce Optimization

The main goal of optimization is rising of revenue. Optimization may resemble an audit, but we're using special analytic instruments and numbers. E-commerce optimization offers you the chance to monitor how customers behave in the actual online shopping environment of your business and how small changes can drive big results to you


E-commerce expansion

Expansion is not easy process, that’s why we offer you help to prepare exact business plan and the whole strategy of entering in new markets.

What we are working on before expansion to new markets:
  • Position of new markets
  • Analyze of new market
  • Legal and tax issues
  • Complete translation
  • Shipping

Design Services

Website is one of the most important part that describes you as company. Content, web design, styling and usability have to fit your business. Your store should be not only eye-catching but also functional and user-friendly. To provide an engaging customer experience, drive your clients to conversion, lower the abandoned cart rate and increase the return on investment (ROI), your online store design must be well structured and follow essential rules.